Why Would An Orlando Jail Require A Plumber

Why Would An Orlando Jail Require A Plumber?

Jails such as Orlando County Jail, require plumbers just like any other place of residence or business. With so many people in their facility, anything can go wrong at any given moment. From old plumbing fixtures to pipes to typical plumbing woes, there is a place for a plumber in Orlando Jails.

There are a variety of things that may go wrong at any given time with penal institution stainless steel plumbing combo sink/toilet units and single sink or toilet units. From a clog to simply not functioning properly, there are many reasons that Orlando Jail might want to keep a licensed plumber on staff at all times.


There are also private contractor plumbers who are at the ready and on call for plumbing needs for jails and other penal institutions. Many have a contract for such institutions and will have already passed all of the required background checks to be employed in such a place of business.


A clogged toilet, sink or pipe can mean that people have to double up on cells, there are fewer available facilities which can, in turn, reduce the facilities ability to house the requisite number of prisoners, and it can also affect the comfort of the employee’s.


Plumbers are experienced at installing new fixtures and facilities as well as running routine maintenance on previously installed units and maintaining the integrity of such units.


Not all plumbers are experienced enough to work on commercial stainless steel sinks, toilets, and combo units. It takes specialized skills and techniques to understand the inner workings of commercial plumbing.


What better way could plumbing be tested for functionality and strength and durability than inside of a jail that houses inmates from all walks of life? There is always the potential for vandalism, riots, and fights that can readily damage plumbing fixtures.


More than one correctional facility has dealt with a riot or situation that lasted at least half a day and caused millions in damages to the plumbing as well as other fixtures in and around the facility.


Not only is it important that these plumbing fixtures be repaired, it’s also important that they are securely attached to the walls or floors in order to prevent them from being able to be used as a weapon during such incidents in jails. Such situations can be very dangerous for other prisoners as well as staff members.


More than one prisoner and corrections officer have wound up in an emergency room because a plumbing fixture such as a sink or toilet, was removed from a wall or floor and used as a weapon of convenience or opportunity.


In such a situation, anything can readily become a weapon of opportunity and if the fixtures are securely adhered to the walls, there is less danger of such a situation happening. Anger can fuel a lot of adrenaline which can, in turn, result in serious damage to plumbing fixtures.


Plumbers who work for jails and other correctional facilities know well that their livelihood is dependent upon their ability to keep things properly attached and prevent the possibility that they may become a weapon of opportunity. Plumbers will take due diligence to ensure that such situations don’t occur.


Plumbers know that the choice of products is vital to the integrity of the unit and that they can be a part of the solution. Such a plumber will understand that the products they are using must be of the highest quality and that they must be installed properly to prevent any damage to the facility or other persons in the Orlando County Jail.


Properly running plumbing also impacts the health quality of such facilities. Without properly running plumbing, there can be serious health issues in Orlando Jail and any other instititutions.


Orlando County Jail is no different than any other jail or correctional institution. They are just as likely to have to maintain order and manage their plumbing properly in order to consider the safety of their employee’s as well as the prisoners.


A great plumber will be interested in keeping everyone safe and they will choose only high-quality products that will give the best possible safety features for the entire facility.


A good plumber will understand that different areas of the facility may require different security and safety measures. From high security to low security, there are different means by which they can affix the sinks and toilets as well as the combo units to the walls of the facility.


Another serious concern is that all of the fixtures are lead free and that all of the fixtures that are installed in Orland County Jail are compliant with this requirement. Older fixtures may not be compliant and will require being changed out by a licensed and highly trained plumber that is able to discern the materials that the fixtures are made of as well as the proper installation methods.

Orlando Plumber Job Description

A plumbers job is way more involved than simply ensuring that the sink or shower facilities aren’t clogged. It involves more than ensuring that the toilets all function properly. It involved understanding health and sanitation as well as security measures for proper installation to ensure the health and safety of each and every person that enters Orlando County Jail.


Passing a background check is only one step in the process of employing the right plumber for Orlando County Jail. It will also take the know how to install the fixtures and maintain their integrity. It will take the ability to work odd hours should there be an emergency during the day, night, weekends or holiday’s.


Orlando County Jail will require a plumber to be on call at all times. Plumbing emergencies can be unexpected and may require all of the water to the facility to be shut off for a period of time. The plumber will know exactly how to shut this water off and deal with the situation in a timely and professional fashion without any delay.