Do You Need A Winter Park, Florida, Criminal Attorney?

Criminal lawyers are an important part of the legal system that ensures everyone has the right to a fair trial with legal representation throughout. Whether you live in Winter Park, Florida, or are just visiting the area, a criminal lawyer is essential if you have been charged with a crime. These experts know how to navigate the legal system and can help you as well.

As soon as you realize that you are in legal hot water you should contact an attorney who specializes in criminal law. You don’t have to give a statement to the police until you have spoken with your attorney. This is your legal right and the law enforcement officials must respect your request for counsel. Even if you have already been conversing with them, when you realize that you are a suspect, you should stop.

Some people make the mistake at this point of talking too much because they believe their innocence will be obvious to the cops. However, the statements you make might point the finger further in your direction, even if you don’t know it. An attorney can help make certain that your statements don’t implicate you unnecessarily.

On the other hand, folks who have committed a crime might feel inclined to dump all of their criminal baggage on the table during an interrogation. However, this is unnecessary and can create greater harm to your case. Even if you were involved in the crimes at hand, that doesn’t mean that you must serve the maximum sentences possible. Instead, an criminal lawyer can help you use the knowledge you have to negotiate a reduced sentence.

If you are beyond the initial conversation and have yet to retain a Winter Park attorney, it is not too late. Contacting a reputable attorney to help negotiate with the district attorney representative will ease the process. The attorney might be able to find an agreement without taking the case to trial. On the other hand, if you do go to trial, the attorney will have all of the information necessary to go to court well-prepared.

In the event you are found guilty, the files and records your attorney has will help with the appeals process. As you can see, these experts can help you out with every single step of the legal process if you have been charged with a crime.

Many people move to and visit the Sunshine State every single year. The warm air and fun atmosphere are inviting to people of all ages and interests. With more than half of Florida residents hailing from other parts of the country and world, it is likely that you moved to Winter Park in order to enjoy the world class entertainment Orange County is known for. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the nearby venues and the crowds.

Of course, you might be visiting Winter Park for the same reasons. However, whether you have become a transplant or were just checking out the scene, criminal charges are no joke. While the party-like lifestyle can be a blast, the legal system does not take crimes lightly. If you are charged with a crime in Winter Park, you need to hire a professional lawyer now.

Even if you haven’t been charged with a crime there are instances where you should retain a Winter Park criminal lawyer anyway. For instance, if the police are investigating an event you were involved with and you have memory gaps during that time, you might want to hire an attorney to ensure you don’t accidentally implicate yourself. Remember that there might be additional crimes that occurred and your statements could indicate you had the opportunity to commit them.

On both sides of the coin people get caught up on whether they are guilty or innocent. Innocent people think they don’t need a lawyer because they did nothing wrong while the guilty believe the worst case scenario is inevitable. Rarely are either of these true; most cases fall somewhere in between these extremes.

At this point, don’t worry about how much guilt you might have in the events that occurred. Likewise, your innocence should not cause you to relax and do nothing. The third potential scenario is that you don’t remember parts or all of the time frame involving the crimes and just want the whole thing to go away. The reality is that you need a Winter Park criminal attorney for all three!

Whether you are feeling fearful, overwhelmed or even confused, hiring an attorney is the first step in taking care of the situation. Don’t let the criminal charges you are facing keep you from taking a proactive stance and retaining an attorney today. You deserve to have the best legal representation for your upcoming case events.