Requirement’s For Employment With The Sheriff’s Office

Many people wonder what it takes to get a job working for the Sheriff’s department. There are some specific qualifications that are required before you even apply. Here is a list of qualifications in no particular order, that you’ll need if you wish to apply to work for the Sheriff’s department.

You’ll have to be at least 19 years of age.

You must be a citizen of the United States when you apply.

A high school diploma or equivalent must be obtained. If the diploma is from a foreign high school there will be an evaluation of said diploma.

There must be no felonies or misdemeanors that involve perjury or false statements on your adult record.

You’ll have to have good moral character which will be determined by a complete background investigation.

In the event that there are any arrests on your record, you must have official court documents that dispose of said arrest included with your application. These can be readily obtained from the County Clerk in the county in which you were arrested.

Any and all arrest records must accompany the application online.

You’ll have to pass the Swimming and the Basic Motor Skills test prior to submission of your application. All of this must also be attached to the online application.

All candidates must be certified Law Enforcement at the time they apply. This also must be attached with the online application.

A valid drivers license for the state of residency must be in your possession. It must show the current address and you must have a complete driving abstract attached to the online application. The abstract can be obtained at the nearest department of motor vehicles. If you have a previous drivers license in another state in the previous 10 years, those records must also be included with the online application. All driving abstracts must be within the last month to ensure accuracy.

Veteran’s Preference must also be attached with the DD214.

Job Description

Sheriff’s Department personnel will work to ensure public safety and the protection of life and the protection of property via the enforcement of ordinances and laws. All employees will perform work in a variety of law enforcement assignments which may include motorized patrol, traffic enforcement, and control, preliminary as well as follow-up investigations on crime scenes. Also, there may be security at courthouses and ports as well as for vessels. Scuba diving and K-9 handling may also be required depending on the county served.

Other duties may include serving writs and court processing as well as assisting public safety educational programs and community service programs. Work may or may not involve an element of danger and all employees must be able to act with and without direct supervision and make independent decisions regarding emergency situations. Administrative superiors will assign work accordingly.

This is merely a representation of the job description and by no means a full description of the job. Other duties may be assigned accordingly and all participants must be willing to do the task at hand.

Other law enforcement activities may also include welfare checks,l personal or property checks, investigation on firearms and stolen equipment as well as being on the lookout (BOLO) for patients, suspects, escapees, prisoners and felony stops. Domestic situations with disputes and separating said subjects may also be required at any given time. Arrests and patient transport may also be required at various times in the job.

Identifying stolen property and firearms as well as stolen vehicles may also be required at times. Interviews and public safety issues will also be required at times to ensure public safety.

Security for special events and functions will also be required at times. All officers must be CPR certified and fully capable of offering medical assistance when required. They must be able to gauge speed and observe the general public for traffic violations and dangerous situations that may present themselves unexpectedly.

All applicants will be required to maintain physical fitness at all times and pass a physical fitness test prior to hire. Ongoing physical fitness and endurance may also be required.

The Sheriff’s Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and remains in Compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act. All reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities and those that encourage prospective and current employees will be done.

All qualified applicants will be subject to a complete selection process and screening. Evaluation and training will be extensive and applicants must pass a written test, evaluation of all training, experience, and computer based testing. Applicants must also pass a psychological evaluation, fingerprint and background examination, polygraph examination, drug testing, medical exam and all physical fitness requirements. The entire selection process may last for ten to twelve weeks and if the applicant fails, reapplication will be given on a case by case basis.