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How Can You Tell The Differences Between Hemp And Cannabis?

Most people make the mistake of thinking that Hemp and Cannabis are actually the same but this is not true at all. When you look into the Differences between Hemp and Cannabis, you will find that Hemp is completely especially when it comes to their function. You also need to understand that Hemp and Cannabis tend to serve very different purposes. Cannabis is widely known for the medicinal effects and recreational use while Hemp, on the other hand, is used in a variety of different applications that cannabis cannot be used in any way. These include things like dietary supplements, accessories, and clothing as well as skin products. In short, Hemp is known to have applications that are over 25,000.

Can one be able to get high on Hemp?

You should know that your lungs will end up failing before your brain is able to attain the high effects of smoking the industrial Hemp.

The Differences between Hemp and Cannabis

When you look into the difference, you will find that when Hemp is low on THC levels, buy weed online cannabis has a high THC level. Hemp is not psychoactive while on the other hand cannabis is known to be psychoactive. When it comes to their cultivation, Hemp tends to require minimal care and it is adaptable to grow in almost all climates. On the other hand, cannabis needs a lot of care and they are usually grown very carefully and in an atmosphere that is controlled. When it comes to applications Hemp is used for the industrial production of body care, automobiles, construction, plastic, and food. On the other hand, cannabis is used for both recreational and medical use.

How can you be able to tell the Differences between Hemp and Cannabis?

  • Appearance

Cannabis looks very different from Hemp. The shape of cannabis leaves tends to be broader, has a tight bud and it tends to look more like a nugget that has orange hairs. On the other hand, Hemp has skinner leaves that are more concentrated on its top. It tends to have few branches and when you observe the two, you will find that cannabis looks more like a short fat bush. Hemp is taller and skinner compared to cannabis.

  • Chemical makeup

The Major Differences between Hemp and Cannabis is the chemical composition that each of them has.  THC is the chemical that is usually responsible for the psychological effects that cannabis has. Any average cannabis batch contains around 5% to 20%of THC. Hemp, on the other hand, has a total composition of only 0.3% which is considered to be very low. With such a low level, it is impossible for you to get the high feeling with Hemp.

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