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How CBD oil is used to boost the immune system

Before we get to understand CBD, we first need to appreciate our immune system. The immune system refers to the cells and organs that work together to defend the body from infections, viruses, and other factors that will harm our bodies.  

It also charged the immune system to get rid of the cells that are not functioning as required. Endocannabinoid influences most body cells, including the immune system cells. CBD or cannabidiol and other endocannabinoid have anti-inflammatory properties. CBD acts as an immunosuppressant, reducing the body’s inflammatory responses. CBD also serves as an immunomodulator, helping the body activate and restore normal immune functions. 

They recommend CBD for people tale of two strains who are struggling with their immune systems. For example, they use it in patients with cancer to decrease cancer cells’ growth or kill some types of cancer cells. 

The effects of CBD oil are not immediate but subtle, and someone may feel them. For healthier individuals, you may not feel the results of the CBD oil, but for individuals who had severely compromised whose immune systems, they feel the CBD effects faster.  

How does CBD interact with the immune system? 

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system that works to maintain a healthy immune system. The TRPV2 or the Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 2 is the protein that ensures the communication between cells and their environment to provide a healthy immune system.  

CBD works to activate TRPV2 and influences other Transient Receptor Potential that is involved in the immune system. Some of how CBD helps in the immune system include; 

  • Increases the body’s natural killer cells 

Studies conducted in animals have shown that CBD can bring balance to the immune cells. Outside the immune system, CBD will promote the activities of NKC which are white blood cells.  

Natural killer cells (NKC) protect the body from viruses. More recently, they have researched CBD oil into its use in fighting Covid-19.  

  • CBD supports healthy inflammatory responses in the body 

CBD maintains a healthy inflammatory response in the lungs. CBD has been observed to enhance the healthy markets in the lungs, such as increasing lung elasticity and decreasing the lung’s resistance. CBD will ultimately assist in improved respiratory health.  

  • It gives a calming effect for daily stress 

Recent human trials have shown that CBD reduces stress in people who were giving speeches. The calming effect confirms that CBD help improves stress levels for its consumers. However, CBD should be shown as a prescription. 

 CBD also improved the stress levels of people who had weak immunities.  

  • Maintains the gut microbiota 

The intestinal tract contains much of the body’s immune system. Gut microbiota is organisms in the body’s intestines that maintain the immune system. CBD supports a healthy intestine inflammatory response.  

CBD works very well with people who have autoimmune diseases. Autoimmunity is the situation where the immune system attacks the healthy cells instead of attacking the foreign microbes.