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Negative Effects of Marijuana Users

Cannabis is a narcotic drug made from dried leaves and seed capsules of Cannabis Indica. It’s chewed or smoked as a means of intoxication. 


Cannabis has both positive and negative effects. It has a wider medicinal feature and a times if excessively used can cause health effects. 


The following are negative effects of Marijuana 

Marijuana has both long term and short-term effects as discussed below. 


Short term negative effects of Cannabis. 

Using cannabis has some side effects on the user. Discussed are some of the short-term effects. 

  • Short term memory issues; bhang smokers tend to forget very fast. One can begin doing something hence shift on another without remembering if he or she was doing it. 
  • Panic; Marijuana Users tend to experience panic a times. 
  • Hallucinations; cannabis users tend to imagine things that do not exist a times. 
  • Loss of sense of personal identity; bhang smokers may fail to discover what he or she is doing. One can even engage into actions that cause regrets. 
  • Lowered reaction time; body organs of the affected tend to have low sensitivity. 
  • Increased heart rate; when one smokes bhang, there is always increased breathing rate. This can increase the rate of heart attack. 
  • Increased risk of stroke; bhang deactivates body cells. This can increase risk of one having a stroke. 
  • Problems with coordination; minds of Marijuana Users may have issues in coordination. A driver is likely to cause an accident. 
  • Strange behavior, seeing, hearing or smelling things that do not exist. This tends to affect cannabis users. 

These are some of the short-term effects of Cannabis users. 


Long term effects of Cannabis. 

Discussed below are some long-term effects of Cannabis addicts. 

  • Financial difficulties; long term use of bhang makes one addicted. This makes one think much of how to purchase or acquire bhang. One will tend to use up to the last coin he had spared. This leads to financial difficulties. 
  • Being unemployed or not getting good jobs; Due to the untidy appearance of many cannabis users, they tend to lose good jobs or fail to be employed by many people. Many employers fear the behavior of bhang users due to their unpredictable behavior. 
  • Bad performance in school; learners who use bhang are mentally affected. This leads to dismal performance. Some learners tend to drop out of school. 
  • Many cannabis addicts undergo impaired thinking and less ability to learn complicated tasks. 
  • Many addicts are violent; this creates relationship problems among cannabis users 
  • Some people who use cannabis have antisocial behavior. They can steal people’s things or even lie. 



Frequent use of Cannabis especially to teens can affect them socially, physically and mentally. They can be negatively ruined into society. Society should advise youths and discourage them from vice.