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The use of substances like mushrooms, weeds, and other plants that, when ingested, can change body functions has increased worldwide due to curious young people. Magic mushrooms are said to be very efficient in the growth of brain cells, which may be a myth. 

The mushroom might harm health; however, it is advisable to use it in micro doses to avoid an overdose. The reasons for popularity include:


The increased rates of people with anxiety and other brain disorders caused by serotonin have caused more psychologists to move to a rigorous solution like having medicated use of mushrooms. The Cambodian Cubensis is another popular strain of magic mushroom.

This factor increases serotonin in the brain to help them relax more, thus causing a rise in abuse like any other drug. Most patients tend to buy more than is needed and sell to other authorized people. Like any other exciting illegal drug, the people begin to outsource from farmers, which makes it readily available and thus more popular than it was.

The rise of plant-eating based movements

These movements have caused more farmers to rise in the agriculture industry, and thus the plantation of magic mushrooms has emerged with it. The introduction of kitchen gardening and rooftop gardening has caused most people to plant recreational plants in their homes, thus making them accessible. 

With online farming tutorials, many people have learned to grow their mushrooms for their recreation and may be as a cash crop. This has caused the plant price to become low, and the rise of the people using to be high since the availability is everywhere they can be able to buy at a low cost since everybody can plant it; thus, the demand for outsourcing is deficient.

The myths are that it increases brain cells.

The increase in popularity has also been caused by many social media sites having articles about it increasing human brain cells. In this era, everyone wants to be more intelligent. 

The plant gained a lot of attention when some magazines wrote about how it has been used to increase the level of neurons in the brain that would later be used to raise new dendrites. A psychologist has proven that when taken in the correct dosage, the mushroom will improve the intellectual capacity of the human being. 

However, people don’t understand that this only works with PTSD, anxiety, and other patients that would have been suffering from mental illnesses. Not everyone is taking it as it is being consumed; thus, the increased abuse of magic mushrooms has caused an increase in popularity.


It is always best to consult your doctor before taking any drug. This factor will give you more important information about whether your health can handle it.