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Cannabis strains that ease chronic pain

Cannabis is a drug obtained from a plant called cannabis. It is also known as marijuana, weed or pot. Its strains include the sativa and indica strains. Most people consume it for different reasons. It is mostly consumed due to its relaxing capabilities. This article basically looks at how cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain. Pain may result from illness, child birth or an accident. The pain may be intense or mild therefore the necessary steps should be taken to deal with it.

Cannabis uses to treat chronic pain

Here, cannabis is used medically to treat various medical conditions. These medical conditions include diabetes, chronic pain among others. Incidences of chronic pain have been on the rise in the recent years making people seek for medical attention. This has made more people to use cannabis to treat this condition. Although many people have adopted the use of cannabis for treatment, there is still debate on its effectiveness and its ability to cause addiction.  Studies show that cannabis enabled people with chronic migraines experience relief after using it. Cannabis uses to treat pain are as discussed below.

Chronic pain medications

One of the most commonly used drugs to treat chronic pain is opioids. Its use has been on the decline of late due to having adverse side effects. This has made cannabis to be the best alternative to use since it is safe to use. Individuals who have used cannabis to treat chronic pain have a lesser risk and easier to manage.

Cannabis strains that ease chronic pain

According to research, indica strains are considered appropriate for handling pain while sativa strains are useful in boosting energy levels of the body. When indica is ingested, one may experience mild joint pain and also neuropathy.

How cannabis eases pain

It contains substances which are appropriate for pain relief. These substances include tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and cannabidiol. When one inhales or ingests THC, the cannabinoid receptors are stimulated. This activates the brain which in turn eases the pain.  THC component is associated with causing an individual of being ‘high’. It also reduces the feeling to vomit and also inflammation. Cannabis uses to treat chronic pain for people who have pain after undergoing surgery is very effective. It is also suitable for cancer patients.


Cannabis uses to treat chronic pain should be used effectively and efficiently in the required amounts. Cannabis should not be misused since doing so may lead to negative effects on the body. Medical experts are therefore advised to give patients a small dose of it as they examine how the patient’s body will react to it. Although cannabis is effective for pain relief, there is still more research being undertaken for better pain handling drugs.

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