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According to research conducted by the body overseeing the administration of drugs, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), it was established that the levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are much higher in Hash than in marijuana, hence making it more potent and tragic.

Let’s look at the existing differences between these two marijuana products.


Hash originates from Gulf countries, while cannabis flower traces its origins to 3rd world countries.


Cannabis flower, as the name suggests, is a typical flower with a shade of green, whereas Hash is presented as a ball or block that can be light or dark brown.

Method of production

The first harvesting of the plant produces cannabis flowers. The flowering buds are then dried, and the resultant products are ready for medical treatment or recreational purposes. On the other hand, to produce Hash, the first two steps of creating cannabis flower apply, but with some additional steps.

These include a collection of resin glands at the top of the flower buds. The glands are identifiable as they are hairy and have a fine texture. After collecting a quantitative amount of the resins, they undergo crushing into a fine powder manually or using specialized machines. Oil is released in the process, making it feel tacky. The adhesive resin is then moulded into a ball or a brick, which is then ready for consumption.

Method of consumption
Many individuals seeking to buy Hash online should be familiarized with the different forms. Hash, alias hashish, can be consumed in various forms, such as a ball, cookie, or cake that users break into smaller bits and smoke. Cannabis flower is purely smoked but can be turned into various edible products Buy Weed Online Calgary.

Levels of THC

This is the prominent distinguishing feature of Hash and cannabis flowers. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical present in the cannabis plant that is responsible for altering the normal operations of the nervous system. In cannabis flower, its concentration is usually about 20%, while in the Hash; it goes up to 60%. Research findings suggest that a well-produced hash has three times more THC than a cannabis flower.


Cannabis flower has a floral aroma as it is consumed whole, while high-quality Hash has a more profound and earthier aroma. The scent from Hash may sometimes be mistaken for a pungent irritating smell, while cannabis flowers may produce this smell only when heated up.

Side effects

Due to the difference in concentrations of THC, Hash is considered more potent and produces more side effects, while cannabis flower gives less. The products include respiratory diseases, paranoia, and long-term addiction.


Before buying Hash online, it is vital to note that though they are from the same parent plant, Hash and cannabis flowers still differ.