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Medicinal uses of marijuana


Marijuana also referred to as ‘weed’, is a narcotic drugs that has been noticed by the health organization to have more medicinal values compared to the negative effects it was believed to have posed to the users. It has come to the sector’s attention that the drug can be however legalized seeing how important it is and also regarding that it is organic. It is however important to note that the only parts used in the marijuana plant where the marijuana is obtained are the leaves that are dried and uses dried and the oils from the seeds. It can be used as different forms which include smoking (main), topical treatment applicant, brewing as tea, raw eating, in edible forms or as capsules. Most of the cannabis content can have an effect on the brain working while others might not. Some of the medicinal uses that are denoted from marijuana are: 

  1. Helps to reduce anxiety 

As well discovered before, cannabis have a content known as cannabinoids. This contains contents such as THC and CBD oil. The low levels of THC in a cannabis strain helps reduce anxiety while high level content of THC stimulate anxiety. To be able to alleviate anxiety, a user is recommended to use cannabis at lowest level possible. 

  1. Act as a pain reliever for those suffering from arthritis 

There are diseases that cause irritating pain to an individual, these include arthritis. It is possible to relieve pain from joints of a person suffering from arthritis by just applying cannabis which is found mainly in pain balms and creams. This is possible due to the presence of the CBD and THC content in the cannabis. 

  1. Helps to fight cancer 

The first medicinal research of cannabis was under curatives of cancer. Fortunately, cannabis was found to be an ideal way to fight cancerous growth; this was however the first uses of marijuana in the health sector. The cannabinoids content, THC and CBD, are capable of fighting cancer. 

  1. Useful in weight loss 

Cannabis is responsible for regulating the amount and levels of insulin in the body which in turn is helpful for management of intake of caloric. This is however important to maintain the weight of human being as randomly seen from the cannabis users, they all are underweight. For the ones who are overweight and seek medical support they are instructed and prescribed to take certain amount of cannabis in order to loose weight. 

  1. Reduces chronic pain 

Chronic pain is a condition that can be relieved by components of cannabis such as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have different compounds that have different makeup and which are used in the relief of the chronic pain. 

  1. Treating of depression 

There some cannabis strains that are physchoactive, as they are responsible in the alteration of the mind activity. The compounds can help in maintain the moods of a human being thereby reducing depression cases.